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Doctor Mom is a physician who lives in Ontario


A little while ago my sons - who were in grade 5 and grade 8, respectively, at the time - came home deep in discussion begun on the school bus after Son #2’s first sex ed lesson.

I listened to them talk. You couldn’t really fault the accuracy of the information received. Male human… female human… different-but-complementary body parts, the names of which were correctly recalled…sperm, egg, uterus…

“But how do the egg and the sperm get together?” asked Son #2.

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Doctor Mom is a physician who lives in Ontario


This week CMAJ published a research study looking at how peer victimization in early childhood is related to mental health problems and suicidality in adolescence. Peer victimization is a broad term that encompasses bullying. The study was published with a linked podcast that I wish I had been able to listen to a few months ago when I was trying to work out how to deal with a situation in which my younger son was being victimized. ...continue reading

Randy_Fransoo_pic_smallDr Randy Fransoo is a Senior Research Scientist and Acting Associate Director of Research at Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, and an assistant professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. He is currently blogging from the 5th International Conference on Recent Advances in the Prevention and Management of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity


The theme for the final morning of the conference was Resilience, and featured presentations on various aspects of that topic by Dr. Rod McCormick (Thompson Rivers University), Dr. Christine Wekerle (McMaster) and Dr. John Walker (Manitoba). A clear theme in all three talks was the importance of connection in its numerous forms, including family, community, culture, and history, among others.

Dr. Allison Dart
(Manitoba) presented data from the Manitoba-based iCARE study of kidney disease among youth with Type 2 Diabetes. This cohort study is unique because of its aim to understand the influence of psychological health on physical and physiologic outcomes in youth. Some key early findings include the paramount importance of stress and distress in the lives of kids with type 2 diabetes. Preliminary results suggest significant relationships between stress and physiological measures of HPA axis activity, and inflammatory processes (another novel feature of the study). The results also connected to the resilience theme ...continue reading