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Iris Gorfinkel is a General Practitioner, and Founder and Principal Investigator at PrimeHealth Clinical Research in Toronto, Ontario.


On July 10, 2018 Health Canada issued a recall of several products containing the blood pressure lowering drug, valsartan. This came in response to a disclosure from its Chinese manufacturer that the drug had been contaminated with a known carcinogen. A massive effort to contact patients to stop the affected drug lots, and to replace it with an alternative, ensued. Few clinicians had been even remotely aware that ...continue reading

Dr. Kirsten Patrick, deputy editor for CMAJ, interviews Dr. Corinne Hohl, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia and scientist at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation in Vancouver. Currently, Bill C-17 (Vanessa's Law) does not require health care providers to document serious adverse drug reactions, but mandates that health care institutions report all documented serious reactions. Documentation rates are currently very low and, unless documentation of adverse events improves, the potential of the law to do good will be small, say Hohl and colleagues in a commentary published in CMAJ (subscription required).

From now until May 25th, Health Canada is seeking input from the public on putting Vanessa's Law into action.

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