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ZOCHODNE cmaj3Douglas W. Zochodne is a professor in the Division of Neurology and the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta


 ...an excessive concern with useful problems, regardless of their relation to existing knowledge and technique, can so easily inhibit scientific development.    Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

       Fundamental bioscience has suffered a severe crisis of confidence in Canada. No longer accepted as the bedrock, or starting point, in the innovative journey, recruitment of new basic sciences faculty is down and funding has been dramatically attenuated in real dollars. In 2000, those who conceived of and planned CIHR proposed a working budget of $1B CAD within 5 years of inception. This level of funding was higher than Medical Research Council (MRC) allocation but below funding levels in the USA, and represented a very tiny fraction of Canadian health care spending. However, this funding support simply did not materialize; it remained at about 30% below the proposed level in absolute dollars, at best. Since then, rises in grant support have not kept pace with inflation. Budgets are flat ...continue reading