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Eitan Aziza is a second-year Internal Medicine resident at the University of Alberta.


Medicine has become increasingly cognizant of the role of comprehensive and integrated  care in keeping patients well. While medical therapies are essential and prerequisite to care, they are not comprehensive in their reach. Pills are necessary but not sufficient to restore health. Our medical training rightly emphasizes diagnosis and proper prescriptions; it does not provide us a broad view of all the elements needed to deliver comprehensive care. Over the course of our residency, we are given the opportunity to pair with allied health specialities in a 2 week block titled “Multidisciplinary Care Team”. In an environment where residents are steeped in a seemingly all-encompassing training regimen focused on medical therapies, this course represents a difficult shift in focus for many. Suddenly, displaying our own abilities takes a back seat to the skills of others as the emphasis of teaching is adjusted from medical leadership to medical observership. It is a humbling experience that puts our role in the healthcare team in its true context within the multidisciplinary tapestry. ...continue reading