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Barbara Zelek is Associate Professor and Co-Chair for the Section of Family Medicine at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine


Marathon, a rural community on the North shore of Lake Superior, made CMAJ headlines in 1997 because it boasted a stable workforce of seven physicians for the first time in over a decade. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of that CMAJ article and of the arrival of Dr. Sarah Newbery and Dr. Eliseo Orrantia in Marathon.

The article described “a medical renaissance” taking place in Marathon and an end to “the revolving door that has affected rural medicine across the country”. That door has stopped revolving in Marathon since 1997 thanks, in many ways, to the leadership of Eli and Sarah.

Let me put this important milestone in context. ...continue reading

Anne WinterAnne Winter is an epidemiologist specialist at Public Health Ontario


There are a variety of mechanisms through which surveillance information about the circulation of influenza and other respiratory viruses are collected each year by public health authorities in Canada, however reporting is often skewed towards the collection of data from institutional settings such as long-term care facility respiratory infection outbreaks or reports of severe illness such as hospitalizations among laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza. There is a dearth of surveillance information from community based settings reporting less severe disease. Knowledge of circulating respiratory viruses in local communities may afford an opportunity to determine the onset of community influenza epidemics and predict the timing of institutional outbreaks. ...continue reading

William Hogg is Senior Research Advisor at the C.T. Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre at the Bruyère Research Institute in Ottawa, Ontario



Primary care in Canada

What do populations need?

Canada ranks last among the developed countries surveyed by the Commonwealth Fund for access to primary care services. About 10% of Canadians do not have a primary care provider, and those who do have difficulty seeing their provider in a timely fashion. ...continue reading