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Jessica Dunkley is a PGY-4 in dermatology at UBC. She completed her family medicine residency at the University of Alberta


Every year, Match Day for CaRMS brings back heart wrenching memories for me.  It is a terrifying day for medical students who do not match to residency.  For many years medical students have placed all of their eggs in one basket - to get that one spot in residency.  Their entire lives of dreaming to become a doctor depend on that day. I matched to a competitive specialty only to be told that my disability – hearing loss - would not be supported in residency because it was different from medical school.  ...continue reading


Andrew DunlopDr Andrew Dunlop is a General Practitioner in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

As a doctor, to be quite honest, I never really thought about how hearing loss would affect a person’s life, and certainly never thought of the impact of suddenly becoming severely deafened. I tended to think of hearing loss as a condition which rarely, but tragically either occurs in early childhood or more commonly affects the elderly.

My experience revealed to me that hearing loss can sometimes be sudden and profound.

As a middle-aged GP, in a comfortable suburban practice in Edinburgh, I had been used to being the health care provider and advocate for my patients. I was confident, positive, self-assured and a very social being.

All this was to change, when about five years ago ...continue reading