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dprDawn Richards provides project management consultant services to the Canadian organization Network of Networks (N2). She also works as a patient consultant for other organizations.


Have you ever wondered what clinical trials are? How they work? What the potential benefits and risks are? If a clinical trial is an option for you or someone you know we hope that a new website called Itstartswithme.ca (Cacommenceavecmoi.ca) will answer a number of these questions for you, and help you make an informed decision about clinical trials. The website also includes some questions to ask if you’re interested in becoming a participant as well as what to expect, and a large glossary of terms.

ItStartsWithMe.ca was created by the Network of Networks (N2), a Canadian organization that represents organizations that carry out clinical research ...continue reading

Carolyn C-G picCarolyn Chew-Graham is Professor of General Practice Research and  Director of Clinical Academic Training at Keele University, UK. She is a keynote speaker at this year's SAPC conference in Oxford.


So, how did I come to be giving the 2nd Helen Lester Memorial Lecture? I had planned to go to the annual scientific meeting of SAPC (Society for Academic Primary Care) in Oxford, in July, to meet friends and colleagues, give an ‘elevator pitch’ and support my daughter, Anna, presenting a poster.

Somehow, Christian Mallen and Joanne Reeve (who are academic general practitioners - GPs - and the Secretary and Chair of the SAPC Executive, respectively) twisted my arm and I find myself awake in the night wondering what I will say.

Helen and I had worked together, from 2016-12, when Helen was Professor of Primary Care at the University of Manchester. Helen was also a GP in Birmingham….but she had so many other roles.

‘Ask other people for content’, I thought. So I did. ...continue reading