where roots end

Kacper Niburski is a medical student in the Class of 2021 at McGill University. He is also the CMAJ student humanities blog editor. Follow his writing instagram: @_kenkan.



arachnoid aneurysm

there used to be tall trees here
that stood alone
where these cluttered papers are now
with my pencil touching a thought you had fifteen years ago
you stroking the first stitch that is meant to keep the rest together
both of us dreaming of long hair that you used
to use to comb the night
though morning bleeds in like scratching wounds
and the webs must be cleaned away
by things worse than bugs

how are you i ask

you do not reply


courvoisier's law

she was 37 and
i was 26 and
she was going to die and
i was not and
i think i am supposed to tell you
something about it with meaning and emotion and
hope against the lack of hope and
how there are waterfalls in the world
that are not discovered
where the waters are warm and
the flows fall like soft hair on a summer's day and
there are times when the bottom's mist kiss a face full of life
yet all i have is this and
she does not and
both of these are too soon an end

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