Fatmah AlzahraniFatmah Alzahrani
Dalhousie University
Class of 2017

My head is pounding
From long nights without sleep,
My remedy is to punch through,
Hoping to find the good memories I used to keep.

It’s getting harder to reset the darkness in my mind.
Yet I plaster a weak smile,
I hope it looks genuine and kind.

Cause there are still people to be seen,
And oh so many things to do.
It will never end, it will never do.

They tell me what to do,
And I yearn to learn,
But my constant worry,
Makes it easy to burn.

The inferno that passed,
Is quickly extinguished.
All for a possibility of becoming distinguished.

When I was young,
They said it would happen one day,
But one day has arrived; the clock has swung.

Shouldn’t I be happy?
Shouldn’t I be glad?

For helping with health,
In addition to earning wealth!

One of those eternal evenings,
It repeated what was rife.
We are mere mortal beings,
So it’s a life for a life!
It will never end, it will never do;
until my time is due.