CMAJ is very pleased to announce that we are now podcasting! Our very first podcast offers an overview of the November 4th issue of CMAJ and is presented by Dr. John Fletcher, editor-in-chief, and Dr. Ken Flegel, senior editor for research.


Dr. John Fletcher, editor-in-chief, CMAJ

CMAJ photo of me

Dr. Ken Flegel, senior editor for research, CMAJ







Dr. Fletcher and Dr. Flegel discuss the following topics:

  • Families with children who have complex chronic conditions and how best to meet their needs
  • New Canadian prostate cancer screening guidelines and recommendations
  • Research on the longevity of clinical guidelines
  • Outcomes for patients treated in- and outside clinical trials
  • The value of the periodic health examination
  • Analysis of historical cortisol levels in human hair
  • Svend Robinson’s article about Sue Rodriguez

…And more….

Subscribe to the podcast directly on our SoundCloud page or wait for its availability on iTunes (coming soon). Our podcasts will also be on and here on the blogs.