Dr. John Fletcher, editor-in-chief, gives you highlights of the May 19th issue of CMAJ. In this issue: ultrasound or near-infrared to guide peripheral IV catheterization in children, validation of a 1-hour rule-out rule-in algorithm for myocardial infarction, social media in medical education, global tobacco control, elder abuse, and more.

Next, Dr. Moneeza Walji, editorial fellow, interviews Dr. Jason Nickerson, Clinical Investigator at the Bruyère Research Institute in Ottawa. Hospitals, medical personnel and patients are increasingly being attacked in conflict zones. International bodies have resolved to foster better reporting of such incidents. However, more must be done on a global level to bring perpetrators to account, argues Dr. Nickerson in his commentary (subscription required).

Lastly, Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, deputy editor for CMAJ, interviews Maria Bennell, epidemiologist in Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. Mrs. Bennell and colleagues have published a study (open access) involving more than 39 000 patients receiving angiography in 18 cardiac centres between 2008 and 2011. They found that there is a twofold variation in the ratio of revascularization to medical therapy for the initial treatment of stable ischemic heart disease across hospitals in Ontario and that two-thirds of this variation was explained by patient characteristics. Nonetheless, the variation was associated with potentially important differences in clinical outcomes, say the authors.


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