Interview with Anna Taddio, Professor in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. This guideline, co-authored by Dr. Taddio, provides practical recommendations for reducing pain during vaccine injections in all age groups. Pain from vaccine injections is common, and concerns about pain contribute to vaccine hesitancy across the lifespan.

Also, interview with Dr. Kris Aubrey-Bassler, family physician and associate professor in the Primary Healthcare Research Unit at Memorial University. In their observational study (open access), Dr. Aubrey-Bassler and colleagues analyzed administrative data for all hospital births in Canada (except Quebec) between April 2006 and March 2009, comprising nearly 800 000 babies and 800 000 mothers. Instrumental variable analysis was used to adjust for unmeasured potential confounders. Whether babies were delivered by a family physician or an obstetrician made no difference to perinatal mortality or to maternal mortality and morbidity.


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