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Guidelines for submission to the Student Humanities Blog

The CMAJ Student Humanities Blog is seeking high-quality, original student work. Submissions may include poetry, essays, critiques, reviews (films, novels, theatre, etc.), interviews (profiles or conversations), reflective pieces, event reports, graphic medicine and visual art related to the medical humanities.

Please note:

  • French and English submissions are welcome.
  • Written submissions must be double-spaced in an MS Word document and no longer than 1000 words. Poetry must not exceed 52 lines.
  • Visual materials should be at least 300 DPI, and in a widely used format, such as PDF or JPEG.
  • If a patient depicted in your work could self-identify, written consent is required. Forms are available from the editor.

To submit your article or for more information, contact:

Le Blog des sciences humaines en médecine du JAMC recherche des œuvres étudiantes de qualité. Les soumissions peuvent être aussi variées que de la poésie, des essais, des commentaires, des critiques (films, romans, théâtre, etc.), des entrevues (profils, conversations), des réflexions, des rapports d’événements, de l’art graphique et de l’art visuel ayant trait aux sciences humaines en médecine.

Critères de soumission:

  • Les soumissions en français et en anglais sont acceptées.
  • Les œuvres écrites doivent être présentées à double interligne dans un document Microsoft Word et ne dépassent pas 1000 mots. Les œuvres de poésie ne doivent pas dépasser 52 vers.
  • Les œuvres photographiques doivent posséder une résolution minimale de 300 dpi et doivent consister en un format d’usage courant, tels que PDF ou JPG.
  • Si un patient décrit dans l’œuvre peut être identifiable, une preuve de consentement écrite est requise. Les formulaires sont disponibles auprès de l’éditeur.
  • Prière de soumette toute œuvre à
  • Toute œuvre sera révisée à l’interne par au moins deux éditeurs.

Pour toute question, prière de vous adresser à

Au plaisir de vous lire!

L'équipe du Blog des sciences humaines en médecine du JAMC


Disclaimer and note about comments

The views expressed on this blog are not necessarily those of the CMAJ. Comments are moderated and we welcome respectful and constructive disagreement. However, comments meant to provoke others or be malicious will be removed. The use of profane language and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

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  1. Armando Gil

    What would it take to encourage medical patients/consumers to view euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide (PAS) as a viable option for a dignified end-of-life choice? Should euthanasia and PAS be legal across all borders? The practice is currently illegal in most countries, is frowned upon not only by many religious denominations, and also by some within the medical community. Though the practice of PAS has been outwardly shunned, multiple research surveys found that not only have many physicians privately supported PAS, but have also admitted to actually participating in this practice. It is imperative that the public have a strong knowledge base in comprehending what euthanasia and PAS actually entail, along with the alternatives to both before these practices are made legal. Providing education about the practice of euthanasia and PAS would benefit patients, families and healthcare providers by reducing the emotional conflict they may experience when honoring a patient’s end-of-life choice.


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