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bonnie-larsonBonnie Larson is Family Physician at Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) Health Centre


Recently I called the emergency department from my outreach clinic in an urban shelter.  Near the end of the day, the nurse mentioned that one of the clients staying there, a young aboriginal woman I will call Ms. Rain, was supposed to follow up on an abnormal lab result from a few days earlier.  As I looked the patient up on the ancient clinic laptop, I thought about the promise I had made to my daughter that morning to try to be home by suppertime.   I willed the computer to load the results a little faster so I could get home to my family.

Finally, several abnormal results, including an elevated D-Dimer, appeared.  ...continue reading

The February 17th issue summary podcast is presented by Dr. Kirsten Patrick, deputy editor, and Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, deputy editor.

Dr. Patrick and Dr. Stanbrook discuss the following:

  • Adverse outcomes among patients co-prescribed clarithromycin and statins
  • Cost-effectiveness of screening for hepatitis C
  • Sofosbuvir to treat hepatitis C
  • Unsanctioned travel restrictions related to Ebola
  • Caring for Aboriginal patients
  • Lung-protective ventilation
  • Alicia Priest (1953-2015) on living with ALS

And more...


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