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Brandon Tang PhotoBrandon Tang
University of Toronto
Class of 2018

In the same way that you should not buy a lottery ticket and expect to win, you should not become a scientist and anticipate a Nobel Prize. There are countless brilliant scientists in the world and winning the highest prize that science has to offer requires a delicate combination of good fortune, hard work—and what else? This past summer, I sought to discover the answer to this question.

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Domhnall_MacDomhnall MacAuley is a CMAJ Associate Editor and a professor of primary care in Northern Ireland, UK


We expect Nobel Prize winners to be high profile researchers of almost celebrity status, pioneering cutting edge science that changes the world at a stroke. And, then I heard that one of this year’s winners was William C Campbell, a fellow Irish man. I didn’t recognise the name, was unfamiliar with his work, and knew nothing of his background. But, as the media story broke, I learned more about him. He came from Ramelton, a small village in County Donegal, far from the bright lights and, like many Irish doctors, undertook his graduate work in the US. His research was in worms - not the type of glamorous cutting edge clinical science that features in glossy magazines but, from the messy world of vials and dishes and parasitic roundworms kept in the freezer.

“You must be kidding!” was his reaction, when telephoned with the news.

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