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Photo by: Photawa/iStock

Harold Fireman is a retired physician. He is 96 years old and retired aged 88


Medical doctors, in a long career, encounter many interesting, unforgettable events. Strangely, my most elite experience came almost immediately after I graduated from the University of Toronto Medical Faculty in March 1942. World War II was at its peak, since Hitler's army had over-run Europe in 1939 but Queen Wilhelmina of Holland had escaped to England with her family and some Dutch officials, joining the Allies in hopes of eventually reconquering Europe. England, however, was a short distance from mainland Europe hence the German Luftwaffe made frequent bombing trips to England, mostly to London. Queen Wilhelmina felt she had to remain as the iconic Dutch figure, at the Allied hub in London, but wisely decided that her family would be safer in Canada. ...continue reading