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Raquel_BragaRaquel Braga is a family doctor at Lagoa Family Health Unit, Matosinhos Local Health Unit, Portugal


The development of Primary Care in Portugal has been a success story. This is true not only in the last few years, with the reform of Primary Care, but since the foundation of the Portuguese National Health Service, thirty five years ago.

The Portuguese health system works well despite the economic crisis and dissatisfaction with delay in access to some types of care. The National Health Service in Portugal is based on Primary Care and we can see a progressive improvement in the quality of care given to our population, especially in the last two decades.

Despite the success of primary care within the national health system, research in Primary Care has a long way to go. There are many barriers and obstacles to overcome. Primary care settings produce interesting and useful research questions. Is this a paradox, or a consequence of too much hard work for family doctors in a country where a doctor who wants to do research is also a full-time clinician?

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