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forgie_2014_2Prof Sarah Forgie is a pediatric infectious disease physician at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and associate professor in the University of Alberta’s Department of Pediatrics

I asked a few colleagues, “You have a monthly meeting scheduled in ten minutes…how do you feel?”

“Dread…because I’m not really sure why I am there or what I am contributing.”

"Frustration…it feels like my time is being wasted.”

“Stressed…because I have all of this work to do but I can’t get to it because I have to go to a meeting…and then when I get back to my office there are 400 more emails waiting.”

“Annoyed, you are just getting on a roll and then you have to break for a meeting.”

Interestingly, I did not even specify which meeting – it seemed to be a universal feeling.

A colleague once told me that the true cost of attending a meeting (the opportunity cost) is the cost (time, other more productive work, or money) of what you have given up to attend. That can be substantial. But I think that a few small changes to meetings could reduce those opportunity costs ...continue reading