Happy Inibhunu is a fourth-year medical student at the University of TorontoPicture of Happy Inibhunu .

The minute hand of the clock moves.

But her eyes are glued to the time.

What time is it, she calls out.


Time is 10:30.


For her, this is the time she finishes breakfast

Heading to her daily tasks

Cooking, cleaning, watching TV

Gardening, laughing, chatting with her friends

Anything on her list is for her to do.


But now that time has changed.

10:30 is no longer her time.


It has been replaced with the ever-changing






10:30 is their time.


What time is it, she calls out.

Yearning for some resemblance to her past life.

To the present, to hold on.


To her, there is still time

Time to see her grandchildren grow

Time to reminisce with her friends

Time to enjoy the outdoors


But to her doctors, nurses

Time is running out


Run more tests

Run more investigations

Run more treatments

Run more consults


But as she tells me her stories of

Adventure, misfortune, and success

Her eyes gleam

The sides of her mouth widen

And the soft whisper of her voice strengthens


Time is here

And she is all for it.


Each day is the same,

What time is it?


Time is 10:30.


But, your son is coming in today, with the kids.

But, the Blue Jays are playing this afternoon.

But, we are off to explore the beautiful outdoors.


Each passing day,

A new adventure

A glimpse of her


What time is it?

Time is 10:30.


And with a smile,

We start the day


Time is 10:30

And we are all for it.