60 minutes

Tharshika Thangarasa is a medical student in the Class of 2019 at the University of Ottawa




You wait,
And enter.

You have 60 minutes to speak.

To expose the intricate framework of your mind,
_______The context of your predicaments,
_______The emotional underpinnings of your life.
To a figure donning a white lab coat,
_______Concealing his own sorrows,
_______Masking his own vulnerabilities.

You have 60 minutes to speak.

A finite time to explore a turbulent sea of emotions
_______That reach impenetrable depths,
_______That engulf the unspoken secrets you have kept
______________so carefully concealed.

An enclosed space to release a stampede of your most violent memories,
_______Which will pierce through the walls of this institution,
_______Wreaking havoc on the serene oblivion that once existed.

You have 60 minutes to speak.

But you sit — in utter silence.

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