Simraaj Kaur Powar is a Family Medicine Resident at Western University Windsor Campus

Sukhbinderjit (Nikki) Powar is a Family Doctor in Mississauga



The concept of addiction,

Is it science-fact or fiction?

Sex, drugs, or alcohol,

Get involved, and you’ll lose it all.


Face the reality; time to confide and confess.

To get it off your chest or cause you more distress?

They’ll blame you and won’t understand,

And think it’s something that you planned.


Getting help, where do you start?

The desire to quit must come from the heart.

Otherwise you’re wasting your time,

And you have to know where to draw the line.


The fear of relapse is greatest of all,

How would you cope with such a great fall?

Where do you turn? Who do you seek?

On the whole, it looks pretty bleak.


But life goes on, each day passes by.

I’m sure there are days you would love to cry.

But don’t forget, there are those who care:

Medical professionals everywhere.

Come talk to me if you are on the brink.

Come talk to me before you rethink.


It’s a bumpy road to recovery,

To find your highway to self-discovery.

So we will work together to create,

A plan to rehabilitate.