Picture of Kacper NiburskiKacper Niburski is a medical student in the Class of 2021 at McGill University. He is also the CMAJ student humanities blog editor. Follow his writing instagram: @_kenkan.




there used to be tall trees here
that stood alone
that could be seen from space
that were cut into these scrambled stuck papers
where my pencil accidentally touches a thought you had
fifteen years ago
during that first stroking stitch that was meant
to keep the rest together

it was you there
soaked in an eternal summer
drinking all the blonde beer in the world
dreaming of long hair that you used
to want to comb into the short night

here now at my squeaky hairless little feet
toes that move nowhere good
morning bleeds in like scratching wounds
and we both know the webs must be cleaned away
by thinking things worse than a few bugs

how are you
i ask

the sun
the tree
the entire sky
do not reply