In this next “Med Life with Dr. Horton” podcast, Dr. Jillian Horton chats with Dr. Allan Peterkin about creative arts and playfulness as related to medicine and as tools to help balance out a stressful life.

Dr. Horton and Dr. Peterkin talk about:
– music, writing, theatre, improv groups
– the time Dr. Peterkin was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon because of one of his books about beards
– how learning to interpret a painting is related to diagnostic skills
– how a practice in creative arts can influence the way doctors approach patients and can help prevent burnout
– finding a balance between pleasure and purpose in life
– the absence of play in medicine
– practical tips for picking up that long forgotten creative practice again
– and much more

Dr. Allan Peterkin is a professor of psychiatry and family medicine at the University of Toronto. He is an accomplished author and is director of the Health Arts and Humanities program at the University of Toronto

 Dr. Jillian Horton is a general internist in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was the associate dean of undergraduate student affairs at the University of Manitoba from 2014–2018 and now directs programs in wellness and medical humanities at the Max Rady College of Medicine.

She writes a column for CMAJ Blogs called Dear Dr. Horton:

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