Picture of Kacper NiburskiKacper Niburski is a medical student in the Class of 2021 at McGill University. He is also the CMAJ student humanities blog editor.




murphy’s sign

yellow on the horizon

with a dark more total than

fingers moving in small steps

and smaller spaces

an ambulance is in the distance

your breathe is on my neck

what is this gall

how do you hold me

with all your living


love is squishing the

sunflowers interrupted in their morning bow

words said underneath a blanket fort

a tightness on the chest that the first dive knows

when you are eight and you have to convince the girl illuminated

by light

that you can swim the whole lake

turning over on your back when the tide wears the creation

of gods


is it the floor that is sinking

or the ceiling that is climbing


the waters splash now

though soon

they will still

with love