Picture of Tharshika ThangarasaTharshika Thangarasa is a resident in Psychiatry (PGY2) at the University of Toronto.


An entire revolution around the sun later,

we are still here, physically isolated.

A click away from pixelated loved ones,

Intermittently disconnected



We still exist in

a seemingly endless period in history.

What every bombardment of emails

has unanimously termed

these unprecedented times.”


We continue to traverse this unchartered terrain.

Whilst protests, riots and rumbles of political instability

Shake the democratic world.

And blatant acts of racial injustice

Thrust our identities into painful focus.


Lives lost, inequities widened,

Anger, distrust and resentment

Pulse through our societal vasculature.

Contained and directed by algorithms carefully crafted

By almighty tech giants.


Despite this, we hold tight our shared humanity

Whose rays pierce through the thick smog of

Chaos that has transcended our world.

Powered by the promise of a few strands of messenger RNA,

We trudge forward.




Woman in scrubs wearing a mask and face shield looking through smog toward a light from the left.

Credit: Tharshika Thangarasa