Picture of Whan (Ben) Kim

Whan (Ben) Kim
McMaster University
Class of 2016




Choking in a scarf of cold flies
Stands a brick home in winter dread
Coughing, wheezing.

‘Olding my breath, I step
Over the mat, into the hall,
Up the stairs, enter the room.

Drowning in dust, dirt, and dreams
Sits a lime-green man survived by tubes.

Eons have passed so it seems
In this room
Where time sleeps, its wings broken.

Round the bed I hang
Laundries of questions worn day and night
Until it’s time to go.

Eye captures lovebirds singing love love love
In a metal palace with spiral staircases, query oblivious to
It all.

Driving with tepid coffee and empty gaze,
I see in my rear mirror
home choking in a scarf of cold flies.