Picture of Laura ZuccaroLaura Zuccaro
University of Ottawa
Class of 2017






I weave the ball through an intimidating defense,
An elite player, striving to improve my game,
I perceive, I predict, and I react – effortlessly
One tournament: suddenly
Grounded – concussed.
But I am strong, invincible, and bounce back quickly: ready to play.

I return to the field tomorrow: performing again,
But another blow
I stagger, yet recompose and continue
Moments later, the elbow strikes my fragile head.
The veil, then the fog
For a month, headaches and nausea.
Some days are better than others.
With determination, I slowly recover.

Half a year passes: I still perform
I feel good, and have no pain.
But soon enough, history repeats.
I am thrown back and strike my head.

This time is bad.
My head hurts, always tired.
I can’t think.
Nothing helps.
I am afraid.
I can’t fix this.
My brain is hurt.