Picture of Magbule Doko Magbule Doko is a family physician in Windsor, Ontario, and an adjunct professor at The University of Western Ontario


School. Career. Children. Partner. Parents. Siblings. Being a Doctor. Getting Older. Turning 30. Teaching the next generation of doctors. Next step in my career. In-laws. Body. Health. Meditation. Having another baby. Trying to make the world a better place. Trying to understand who I am. Vacation time. Couple time. Debt. Income. Work. People living. People dying. Crying. New life. Saying goodbye. Working on my writing projects. Keeping my calendar updated. Email. Reply. Cooking dinner. Clean the house. Iron my white coat. Wash scrubs. Get my bag ready for the morning. Pay employees. Buy medical supplies for office. Put gas in the car. Buy groceries. Family time. Visit family. Visit my nieces and nephews. Coffee time with my honey. Mall with kids. Put kids to sleep. Watch a movie. Work on laptop. Write. Make plans. Make goals. Start this. Start that. Dream. Achieve.

Be a woman. Be a wife. Be a mother. Be a daughter. Be a sister. Be an aunt. Be a niece. Be a friend.

Be a humanitarian. Be a doctor. Be a teacher. Be me.




It Lies in the Balance.