Picture of Kacper NiburskiKacper Niburski is a medical student in the Class of 2021 at McGill University. He is also the CMAJ student humanities blog editor.




meta static
food undigested on the chest
breasts already pancakes
they will laugh when reaching under
the napkin of my body

they the strong
they the knowledgeable

will the question caught on my throat
survive the morning
or must it break before they leave with another joke
that reaches the awake ears
bent like flowers to the sun
though here the curtains are closed

i am left in a silent screaming dark

i cannot reach the tissues
or the knives


strawberries left in your white coat
when summer winds itself into your pockets
that will be turned inside out like a blush
gossiping about how you used to be the king of peaches
and this park
that taught you the language of birds
and how they dreamed in the sentences of cats
and why all of them together wished to actually be dogs
lazy on the morning sun
lounging near the kitchen window
licking fingers when the meal would end
after a book you only just started to read
but never finished
with the too much
to cook
to clean
to complete

after lunch your attending will say
that there is a stain of red now spreading above your chest
that looks unprofessional
that is unprofessional
that is where you accidentally crushed the fruit of your heart
trying to wash out every learnt living thing
like the burnt and burning summer
that too shall not last