Arnav AgarwalPicture of Arnav Agarwal is an Internal Medicine Resident (R1) at the University of Toronto. Check back the last Thursday of each month for a new featured piece as part of his series (Doc Talks: Reflections to Reality)!


Pieces of a puzzle inherit meaning not by their individual qualities, but by being pieced together into context. Good medicine — and good healthcare — are similar: they rely on understanding patients as people, and clinical presentations as brush-strokes forming part of a bigger picture.


In medicine,

_____we often                                            treat diseases

_______instead of                                                                     treating people

separating health                                                                                              from care.

      ____If we                                                                                             remember

____       _to treat                                                                        every patient

    ___  ___as a person first,                                 as we would our family:

our practice of healing

will come full circle—

and we will provide

truly holistic,