Picture of Kacper NiburskiKacper Niburski is a medical student in the Class of 2021 at McGill University. He is also the CMAJ student humanities blog editor. Follow his writing instagram: @_kenkan.



ventricular septal defect

you would not understand

what it means to fall in love

with the blue

to come to pour it

to read it in the cracks of light under heavy spines

to see it in green marseille waters

that occasionally hold a date

from a night that is small and silent

after basking in wine and hearty laughter

only to end at an audacious ocean of black

with spit in your drying throat

until it is launched atop of the lip of a wave

to challenge the ocean to stay still

or at least

to pull her goodbye a little closer


overriding aorta

when we were we

we used to swim

in a big pond

that only we knew about

behind a bush

down the road where

there’s that huge house

where no one lives anymore

but everyone passes by

on the way to the way

missing the big pond because

there’s a bush that hides


when we were we

swimming and leaving

bits of us to

drown away