Picture of Carol Ann CourneyaDr. Carol Ann Courneya is an Associate Dean of Student Affairs at the University of British Columbia

A digital art photo concept of a man screaming, his right side is becoming particles.

SHATTERED by Sonam Maghera, Student, U of Ottawa Medicine

For the past eight years, the Canadian Conference in Medical Education (CCME) has acted as host to a fabulous medical trainee and practitioner art exhibit.  Called White Coat Warm heArt, it celebrates coast to coast Canadian medical creativity.

CCME participants routinely visit the exhibit, seen by many as a sanctuary for reflection in an otherwise busy conference setting. There are benefits for the trainees and practitioners in making the art.


Digital art of an anatomical heart shape in blue with white blood vessels on top.

AN OCEANIC CARDIAC RHYTHM by Sylva Falk, Student, UBC Medicine

Research has shown that art-making provides a virtual portal for medial trainees and practitioners to explore and process the daily challenges and joys they face.

In 2018 White Coat Warm heART will be held in Halifax Nova Scotia April 28th to 30th.   If you attend CCME in Halifax, stop by the exhibit and immerse yourself in the talent of your colleagues.

Submission is via teachingmedicine.com and in order to have your art considered by the jury you must register (it’s free).  Check out the submission details before uploading your images.  Visual art in most media (photographs, paintings, sketches, sculptures, installations, virtual reality) is warmly welcomed.

The Deadline for submission is January 28th (by 5pm PST)

Artword - colourful cityscape.

HALLELUJAH by Dr. Marianne Xhignesse, Professor Dept. of Family Medicine Université de Sherbrooke