Barry McMahon


Barry McMahon is retired and lives in Ottawa. He's the proud father of 3 daughters and a grandfather of 6 with an insatiable curiosity about all issues relating to promoting Human Dignity and Family


In less than a week I will be traveling to a small island in the Caribbean for some physiotherapy. It’s now an annual excursion that has impacted my quality of life in ways only a fellow quad would fully appreciate. As I pack my gear for the flight, my imagination is overwhelmed in anticipation of being submerged in the warm salty ocean drifting among coral, exotic sponges and a medley of mysterious creatures. It’s a celestial experience with endless marvels.

Barry McMahon diving in Bonaire.
Barry McMahon diving in Bonaire.

About 8 years ago when I was 58 the thought of me scuba diving was just a silly fantasy usually emerging after a few drams. I spend all day everyday sitting in a power wheelchair due to what is referred to as post-polio syndrome. My four limbs are paralyzed. So even though I am totally comfortable being in water it is limited to me floating around. Never did I think of exploring the undersea world of Jacques Cousteau as many of my generation did. Never, that is, until I met Hubert Chretien of Freedom at Depth. ...continue reading