Picture of Mona Al-Taha Mona Al-Taha
Dalhousie University
Class of 2017






Patient M. presents to clinic,
Melanoma of the Heel.
Surgically excised,
Radial forearm free flap,
Doing well post-op.

Day 1 – How is the flap?
It’s looking well-perfused, Dr.

Day 2 – Is it congested? Should we revise?
Let’s operate.

Vascular supply is reestablished.
Please discharge Patient M.
Good-bye, Melanoma of the Heel.

But wait – who are you, Patient M.?
Please tell us your story.
It will be heard by us who treat.
Loving mother, widowed wife.
Former seamstress.
Your smile will be missed.

Your scars are yours to keep.
The disease has been excised.
We have left our mark on you,
And you on us.

Good-bye, Melanoma of the Heel.
Good-bye, Rosemarie.