Picture of Sunjit Parmar

Sunjit Parmar is a medical student in the Class of 2019 at the University of British Columbia



A withering mind:
As this body crawls forth to die
My soul still marches forth and thrives.
With each passing breath
I move further from life;
Yet this soul somehow survives.
None can halt the decay—
No person, no bribe.
And still, ever-growing, ever so alive
I now realize I have lived a lie
Bound by moments formally known as time.
For though my instinct primal says I’ve come and gone
My soul has carried on, albeit in disguise
I savour fleeting memories as I part slowly with this mind
Saying to this dear soul: in time again, you will be mine.

Freeing memories:
I am allowed to survive by means of these memories
Freedom in disguise
Ever so magnanimous—
Igniting my departure from this troubled mind
As I sit shackled by age
A prisoner to Time
Many a thoughts enrage
Amidst them, I oft find myself enslaved
If not for the liberation endowed upon this fickle mind
By my freeing memories
I could not fathom such an escape—
To a better place, where memories never die