Washed Away

Meghan Kerr is a medical student at University of Toronto.




I was swept into this world,

Feet taken out from under me

My trickling stream no match

For the roaring torrent, and

Their confluence,

Destined to take me out to sea

All I cling to are memories

Of a fluviatile purpose -

Amorphous echoes, dissipating,

Where my outstretched hand used to be.


Remember why you are here. This piece was written to reinforce the importance of reflection and human connection, and the challenge of staying true to your personal purpose in the field of medicine, no matter how gentle that impetus may be.

One thought on “Washed Away

  1. Dear Meghan,

    this lovely poem makes me think of my own daughter. She is emotionally beautiful like you.

    in the wide opposition and complimentarity of Yin and Yang, this piece takes us over to an almost full-on YIn, with, nonetheless, the very slight hankering expressed for a self-affirming Yang.

    Do not ignore that urge.

    Man up ! Put your foot down !

    (when you are ready of course and the moment is opportune)

    gentle is great. but FIRM and gentle is irresistible.

    Best Wishes,

    Gordon Friesen, Montreal


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